How It All Began: Porn + Sworn To Secrecy. MY SEXUAL ABUSE STORY IN DETAIL. Part 1


Hey, guys! I have started a new video series on my channel…

where I go COMPLETELY in depth about my sexual abuse as a child. This is part one… about how it all began. I am doing this series because I am finally ready to do it and it may help people.

Also, doing this is so fucking therapeutic for me. Although digging that far back is sad and depressing, I am strong enough to not break down and cry over this shit anymore. I haven’t cried over my abuse in years now. I’ve done enough of that when it was being carried on.

So enjoy the video, share it, pass it around, stay tuned because there is MORE to come.

~Epic Realist~


Resolutions & Shit. Anxiety, Weight Loss, & SWINGING!?


I’m exceedingly happy that 2017 is over. That year didn’t turn out very well, and I’m sure I’m not the only one to say so. Between the election of Trump, slavery being brought back in Libya, needing a permit to feed the homeless, abnormal hurricane scares, and a shitload of sexual and gender confusion, the majority of people didn’t like the way last year went.

It was like, a goddamn shift in the atmosphere or something.

For me, the year ended on a great note for once. Normally, every new year, hubby and I are so down it’s ridiculous. Depressed beyond comprehension. Thinking about and handling family drama and finances. This year, there was nothing of that sort. Most family members are cut off anyway, so they don’t even know what the hell we’re up to. Also, no money issues for once. Very grateful.

So a few days prior to New year’s eve, I made this video talking about some things I want to change this new year.

I hope you enjoy and subscribe; I’ll be doing more and more videos on this channel about these topics.

But don’t worry; more than likely, I won’t be resorting to swinging. LOL! That’s super desperate mode. However, I need to pay attention to what I’m really desperate for… female companionship rather than the sex.

I am truly excited for the new things that will happen this year. It can only go up from here and that’s all I am focused on. Homeschooling continues, marriage continues, life continues. 🙂

~Epic Realist~



Poly Ain’t About Gaining More Pussy…


Welp. I think the meme speaks for itself. lol

I’m tired of all these people who claim to be polyamorous talk about only sex online as if that’s all that matters. Come on, people. We’re not teenagers. Poly is not all about threesomes and unleashing your inner gay fantasies. It’s about building a kingdom and growing it through self sufficiency. I know that may sound sappy and shit, but it’s the truth. Just because I’m a freak doesn’t mean that I’m oblivious to life.

Most of the men are fucking thrilled at the fact of gaining more pussy. Typical. Bruh, before you tap that, you better make sure that you can afford her. Better make sure that if you DID get her pregnant that your wife is okay with that AND she’s not gonna play head games like take the baby and run away, calling for child support. Hey, shit happens, you know.

I know not every poly household is the same, but the basic principles should still stand. Nation building. The kids are what matters. Taking them out of the wicked school system is what matters. Homeschooling the way we used to.

Learning how to grow our own food and obtaining land is what really matters here. We as blacks need to gain our freedom like never before and stop being subjective to eating poison foods and killing ourselves further to afford high ass rent. If you get more pussy, how are you gonna support all those kids? Don’t tell me you’re gonna try and make sure her ass stays on birth control the entire time… not happening.

Like I said when I posted this on Instagram, I treasure sex and don’t want to give that away to just anybody. So when we find this special woman, it will be amazing. I want a woman who will be my best friend, be my sisterwife. I want that sisterhood bond. Hell, if it came down to it and the sex never happened between us, I may just be happy with it. Who fucking knows? Life is just funny like that… 😉

~Epic Realist~




Stop Demoralizing Your Kids Online! UGH…

Ya’ll, I know it’s around the holidays and I should be posting about pretty little Christmas trees and lights and fucking gingerbread cookies, but I just have to RANT about this.

There are a TON of parents around the US, disrespecting their kids online for fame. It’s getting ridiculous. The first time I saw someone cut their child’s hair years ago as a punishment, I cringed. HARD. I tried to look at it from the parent’s point of view, because that’s how I am; I look at both sides. I also have five kids, myself. But the more I did that, the more I felt sorry for the child instead.

I don’t care what your child has done in school or whatever; you should not PUBLICLY embarrass them by filming them getting spanked or getting their hair cut. That is HORRIBLE. Invasion of family issues. People these days are so damn desperate for fame and money that they literally think that they are being a good parent by doing these things.

First of all cutting something off of your child’s body is invasive, period. I know it’s hair and it grows back, but still. Sending them to school bald is extremely humiliating, especially for a girl!

I just can’t even fathom doing such a thing. Second of all, no one realizes that it they parented better in the first place, the child wouldn’t be so ‘unruly’ in school. There are other factors to a child acting up than just, oh, I just don’t wanna listen. We all know how school is. It’s noisy, annoying, degrading, difficult for the most part, and full of people who taunt you just for being yourself. Then you’ve been vaccinated, possibly medicated because you have ‘ADHD’, and sent on to eat shitty school lunches that dumb down your brain even more… yeah, of course kids in public schools have issues. They’re gonna act up sometimes!

But instead of anyone thinking of any of that and actually talking to the child AND keeping family business off of social media, they beat their child’s ass on social media, thinking they are doing something good. NO, they fuck you are NOT! How about your child does the same thing to you? How would you like it if your child posted something very humiliating online about YOU because they thought you deserved it?

NO ONE (except maybe rapists and child molesters) deserve to be publicly humiliated. They are a CHILD. Doing this makes you no better than the bullies they already encounter at school. But no one thinks about that, do they?

These same type of people let their kids beat up on one another like this. SMH…

I just can’t with this world. Can…can I just be let off this planet? :/

~Epic Realist~

I Fell For An Older Woman!?

I fell for an older woman once.

This summer, in fact. By older, I mean, she was 11 years older than me. Yikes! This was an absolute first and it completely shocked me, even though I know that I’m the type that severely craves intelligence and wisdom.

Sapiosexual. That’s me all the way.

She was gorgeous. She sure didn’t look her age at all. For having 9 kids (most grown), she looked fucking amazing. She had been with women before and enjoyed it, although she was married for 9 years and mostly unhappy. I always found myself feeling sorry for her, even though her man had tons of money. I always thought that was the reason she didn’t want to leave him, despite his constant verbal and emotional abuse.

We’d had a really good friendship for a few months. I mean, really good. She was in my state, hours away, but we made plans to meet one another one day. I had the hugest crush on her. I just thought she was totally fucking amazing. Stay home mom, always worked out, sweet, motherly, and sexy as hell! She was very open to talking about sex with me and I loved it. This woman was on my mind every day, every hour. We flirted a lot. My hubby was really hoping that somehow, in the great by and by, that we’d meet and things would go smoothly.

But sad to say, religion strikes again. She was HEAVILY into religion.  This ‘new’ wave of Hebrew nonsense, talking against Christianity as if it’s any more heresy than that stuff. Religion is religion; it’s all toxic in my eyes. To me, that was the only MAJOR flaw she’d had, from what I could see from just talking to her online.

I normally don’t even reject people if they’re into religion, because my philosophy is, do your thing; just don’t throw that shit on me and we’re good. However, she apparently hadn’t gotten that memo. So after about 4-5 months, our friendship died out. We got into an argument or two about religion, and as people always do, they try to force their beliefs on me and I am having no part of that.

I had tried to be understanding with her, but she just kept informing me that she wished that I would follow her and her beliefs. She even tried to show me pictures of what she claimed to see years ago that made her turn her life over to christ, as if saying that she saw god or some image of him. In my mind, I was like, well, that’s nice, but uh, I don’t see it and I don’t care. Sorry, not sorry.

I really hate that that friendship was lost. I really miss her sometimes. We had a shitload in common with one another, despite our age difference. This shit is always happening to me, because everyone within the Bible Belt has gone coo-coo for that bible. I can’t.

As much as I really wanted her, emotionally and sexually, I had to let her go. I was hurt for weeks.

Because I’m not dealing with judgmental people. Not by a longshot. If people don’t wanna live and let live, well, they’re gonna miss out on a lot of decent people and opportunities.

~Epic Realist~



ADHD Doesn’t Exist… & Here’s PROOF!

BRUH! I have been saying this since the beginning of time… THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ADD/ADHD! I love this lady already. She threw facts in. This video is fucking hilarious and beyond true.
FUCK doping your kids on meds for being kids… when they’re forced to sit in school like robots and recite false information WHILE trying to make sense of goddamn Common Core. I am sick of Big Pharma creating more and more made up diseases just to have an excuse to sell medications to everyone. It’s all bullshit. I never did believe in ADD/ADHD.  Any hyper kid who is stuck in that lame public school environment will act up, because our diets aren’t right and we’re eating the wrong things.
Do you know how many synthetic sugars and dyes we’re eating on the daily? Do you pay attention to hidden MSG, aspartame, and pesticides in our food? Do you even try to feed your kids better or is it the teacher’s fault that they can’t handle your child without wanting to beat the shit out of them? Come on, people. Obviously, there is an epidemic here, but people are so busy these days that they don’t feel like actually parenting. So they’d rather throw meds at their kids to get them out of their hair and not end up in the principal’s office every day. Pure laziness.
Do I have kids? Hell yeah, I do. I have five of them. I homeschool all of them. Ages 1-8. Have I seen any so-called potential ADD symptoms out of any of them? Yes; my oldest son would more than likely be diagnosed with it IF he were in public school, because he’s a really hyper kid and always has been. He’s 7 now. Doesn’t like to sit still for long, always in trouble, and bounces off the walls a LOT. But guess what. That’s what boys do! That’s normal kid behavior! He doesn’t need any medications to make his brain tell him to sit still. I will never do such a thing to any of my kids.
It’s not like I don’t have any experience with other people’s kids, either. My mom used to own a private school years ago, and I was always there. Like literally; kids were my life. Every single day, I was around young kids. I loved it.
I have seen many, many behaviors out of kids. Many who we medicated and many who weren’t. I’ve seen ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, mild autism, speech issues, bathroom issues, troubled kids, etc. Of course, the medicated kids always seemed to act better, but I always wondered what the meds were doing to their brains, because there were those cases that the child acted WORSE on the meds than they did off of them. It sucked because their parents were too busy hurrying off to work to really pay attention to what was going on, and because their doctors told them that they should get their kids medicated, that’s exactly what they easily fell for.
I bet those same kids have mental issues now, whether they have already showed up or will at some point… it always comes out. In fact, I know someone who used to take meds for ADHD during her childhood who now has mental instability issues and severe suicidal thoughts in her 20s after having two kids. No one cares about the long term effects of these things… quick fixes aren’t always the way to go, you know.
So I just don’t agree with it. I don’t believe in giving kids meds for some made up brain trauma that could easily be rectified by spending more time with your kids, proper discipline, and better diet. Better diet meaning watch the dairy intake, meat intake, and sugar and gluten intake. Those three things right there could do a LOT of good things for your kids, but the sad part is that the majority of America as a collective is too lazy to ever realize that.

~Epic Realist~

I Tried But I Couldn’t Handle It… #NaBloPoMo Day 12

Yo! It’s the end of November already! I can’t even believe it.

Time is going SO fast… ugh. Not sure how I feel about that sometimes. My kids are growing and growing, life seems to be passing me by, and, well, I’ll be 31 next year. -_-

Anyway, you know that daily November blog post thing I started out doing at the beginning of the month? I QUIT! I tried, ya’ll. I really tried. Some days I really didn’t have much to talk about at all, and some days I just didn’t feel like writing. Some days I just didn’t get around to it with my million and one other obligations.

But I am proud for trying, anyway. I made it up to what’s considered day 12, even though it’s now November 25th. I still blogged 12 times this month, and that in itself is a major feat. 

It’s disappointing that a lot of bloggers don’t participate in this #Nablopomo thing anymore. I think it’s just been around for a long time, and of course, not many people even blog anymore at all. Or they only write like once or twice a year. I’m always writing. It may not be here, but I’m always writing somewhere, ya know? I have two other blogs that are attached to my business that I try to post in quite frequently.

But yeah, like I said, I quit. I fucking quit! It can be stressful trying to find topics and time. I did what I could and I’m still proud of my progress. Thanks to whoever has been reading my posts and keeping up with me. I appreciate whoever you are. 🙂

~Epic Realist~