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Beauty Vloggers Being Attacked for Not ‘Buying Black’? GTFOH

™ Sometimes, black people get on my fucking nerves. They really do... with the constant criticism about what other black people decide to do with THEIR money. Women on YouTube are attacking certain beauty vloggers because they aren't reviewing 'black... Continue Reading →



™ It takes a lot for me to say that I hate someone, or even a certain group of people. But I abso-fucking-lutely HATE the type of people who tell people like to me to 'stop breeding' because I can't... Continue Reading →

Jennirotika: The Origin of My “Yeardream”

Hey again! I feel like talking about my erotica stories again. I've been kinda stuck in a slump lately, or more so, 'writer's block'. Its partially because I'm very busy with my five kids, housework, and business things but I've... Continue Reading →


Welp, it's official. I can't do it. And by that, I mean I've been kicked off the 'fun' train of exploring sex with strangers. This is technically no surprise; I've always been that way. I'm not that type of person... Continue Reading →

Child Abuse Prevention Month!

Welp, April is here. It's apparently Child Abuse Prevention Month. Honestly, I'm not sure what really happens during these months where things like this are brought up a lot, but it could be just an awareness thing. Although most people... Continue Reading →

Don’t RAPE Her!

I saw this 'poem' posted somewhere today and I just had to share. I loved it. I wasn't necessarily raped by my dad, but I damn sure could have been. For years, my dad fought me to try to penetrate me,... Continue Reading →

Should I Give A Fuck About LABELS?

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, I wanted to talk a little about what I think about labels. To be frank, I went through life not ever caring about labels. I didn't even have much of a life prior to marriage or even adulthood,... Continue Reading →


It's one of those days where I feel scarred. Why, you ask? Because I have no females in my life. It's as if I never actually did. I'm completely scarred from my mom's betrayal. She left me alone and barren... Continue Reading →


Hey, guys. Not sure what to even write about today. I've been slacking off. Life's a bit chaotic at the moment. This isn't the most recent update on our living situation, but it's still something to watch, if you... Continue Reading →

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