About Meh

Mom of 5. Realist.  Gamer. Erotic writer. . Artist. Otaku. . #Polyamorous.

I am a realist, a rebel in disguise. I try to be real and tell things like they are. Fuck the fakeness. No one gets anywhere by being fake.

Conspiracy theorismyes. I am that weirdo person who will believe you if you say that you saw a UFO last night, that you believe in an article about weather manipulation, or that you believe that Trump got into presidency by simply being conceived. Rock on, you smart person. Good for you for being open minded and knowing that world’s not all black and white.

I don’t believe in birth control, abortions, or circumcision. Feminism... I only agree with it IF it means that men are equal to women and should NOT be treated like trash. I have come to realize that feminism has two meanings… women who think that men are dogs and should be hung for even looking at them and women who know that men are NOT our enemy here.

I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. But don’t count on the latter… 😉

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