I. Don’t. Support. This.

Hey, peoples! I wanted to talk more about this topic since last week… because it needs to be talked about and I seriously need to vent.

As you guys know already, I identify as bisexual. I’ve been out for almost 2 years now, I believe. The journey has been adventurous already, yet perilous at the same time. Because I am married to a man, I’ve already dealt with evil darts and remarks from others as well as my hubby questioning if I still even wanted him at all. But I do. I’m also poly. That’s a whole different topic though. lol

Today, I wanted to talk about how my stance is as far as being bisexual and the LGBT community.

Okay. I’m just gonna say this out flat before anything else. Just because I fit under the ‘B’ category in the LGBT+ community does NOT mean that I support everything through and through. I am my own person with my own opinions and beliefs.

Now, with that being said, I’m going to state an example. Last week, I posted a picture from Twitter that I re-tweeted about genders. Actually, it hasn’t even been a full week yet. About six days ago, I shared this picture on Facebook. I just felt like it. I normally don’t share these things on Facebook I knew that I’d have some potential people hating me for it, but hell, it’s my profile page. I’m gonna share whatever the hell I want to just like everyone else does.


Yes, I also wrote that caption. I do believe the world has gone crazy. Are they saying that all of these so-called genders exist? A lot of these I’ve been already researched and come to a conclusion on, but for the most part, to me, it’s all too much fucking confusion.

Why do people like complicating things, I wonder? SMH… it’s my opinion. But I had a couple of Facebook friends hop down my neck about what I put, saying that I was ‘transphobic’. -____-

Honestly, I have nothing against trans people. I watch a couple of trans people on YouTube, in fact.  On the fucking regular. If I ever come across one, I will admit, it will freak me out a bit at first, but all in all, they’re still a human being. I’m not going to treat you wrong or cuss you out or bash a bible over your head. Ever. If you haven’t heard, I’m an agnostic atheist, so I won’t be putting my hands on ANY bible at all. LOL!

But anyway, what is the difference between transgender and trans+? What’s the difference between transgender and transfeminine/transmasculine? Shouldn’t all that be under the same banner? I know I’m not stupid here. Apparently, I’m not considering other’s feelings, so I lost those Facebook friends that day. Welp, too bad. It’s my page. Can’t come on my page and cuss me out. Don’t agree? Walk the fuck away and stop lingering. Not everything needs to be commented on. Come on, people. Grow up.

I will admit; perhaps I should not have worded the caption the way I did, but hey, it’s still my page. But I will not let anyone come to my page and cuss me out for my opinions. One person literally cussed me out and carried on the conversation, even though I had already apologized, regardless of the fact that that I should NOT have to apologize for my opinions on MY page. What happened to free will? What happened to letting bygones be bygones?


So I am happy to get rid of those people. However, I will miss one friend who I had actually gotten VERY close to who even fell somewhere under the trans spectrum, but apparently, she still thought that I didn’t care about or value her gender preferences just because of this damn picture. No one has time to research all these genders and cater to everyone’s individual gender preferences. You’re either a male or a female and that’s all there is to it. If you consider yourself both, hell, I’ll even roll with that. But all that other nonbinary shit is utter chaos to me.

I don’t care if you find some bullshit ass scientific explanation as to why these genders exist because frankly, I do not care. Save your words for someone who does.


Hate me if you want to, but Idgaf. Again, just because I am bisexual DOES NOT MEAN that I fully agree with and support this LGBT+ community. Sometimes, I don’t even like putting MYSELF under that umbrella because of all the chaos that comes along with it. I still don’t think that I’ll ever attend a pride festival or parade because of it. That’s me and I have a RIGHT to feel that way. Just because I’m not in religion anymore doesn’t mean that I don’t think and that I don’t have my own set of morals.

I still believe in population control (NWO), I still believe that foods are fucking everyone’s heads up to think this way, I still believe that everyone is going through their own individual identity crisis, and I still think that people are too idle in their mindsets and have their minds on sexuality a little too much, as if that’s all that defines them. Myself, included. I do tend to think about sexuality too much. But I don’t let it define me.

Who cares if people don’t believe in bisexuality? There are a shitload of people who actually don’t. Hell, I get shunned completely by this community, anyway. I’m black, I’m a woman, AND I’m bisexual? I’m married, too? WITH a lot of kids!? HA! If anything, I’m on the spectrum of getting the goddamn hammer brought down on me. And I am aware of this, which is a huge portion of why I don’t follow everything the LGBT community does. People also get offended way too easily. Stop letting everything someone says offend you so badly. Dayum.


The second comment here is me explaining myself. Notice how there was no reply. She just completely blocked me. Welp, good riddance. You guys can have your confusion. I will NOT be bashed on my own page or anywhere else. If anyone here even reads this and disagrees, you might as well not even bother explaining yourself. You’ll just get blocked as well.



You have your opinions, and I have mine. We’re all different, based on our OWN experiences in life. Let’s just leave it at that. Live and let live.


                           ~ Epic Realist~

Epic Realist








2 thoughts on “I. Don’t. Support. This.”

  1. Hello! I thought I could help clarify some things. First, I’m not sure where the photo is from, but I know many cis people over exaggerate how many distinct gender identities there are to make trans/NB people seem crazy, and it’s pretty likely that a cis person made this, either as a joke or to try and be inclusive in an uneducated way. “Butch” is not a gender, “binary” is not a gender, “constrained by trans misogyny”???etc. For transgender people, there is male, female, and non binary. Under the nonbinary umbrella are identities like genderfluid, genderqueer, etc. transmasculine/feminine mean trans people that are male/female or nonbinary people that are masc/fem. So if I say “transfeminine” I’m talking about transgender women and feminine-identified non binary people. I hope that helps a little. I think the part where you used the hashtag “gender confusion” and got upset is where people started to think you were transphobic, but I think it’s all just a misunderstanding.

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    1. Hmm. Thanks for commenting! I agree. You’re right; those terms are not considered genders. It is a misunderstanding. I have since learned my lesson. Next time, I will watch how I word the captions because people are sensitive these days. 🙂


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