Performers Are NOT Heroes. Sorry, NOT Sorry.

It’s constantly irritating to me how performers are known as such ‘heroes’ to the world when they’re just… performers. How are they so fucking heroic to you when all they do is dance and sing to get you hype… most of the time to a song with horrible, degrading, low vibration lyrics? That’s cool and all, but it’s not considered heroic in my opinion.
What about the REAL heroes that never get recognized? Mothers who risk their lives having kids, fathers slaving away at work for their families, every day people that save everyday people from danger? Military veterans, firefighters, teachers trying to teach children in the midst of this busted ass public school system, that homeless man on the street who lost everything because he married the wrong woman who wiped him clean and he continues to help others regardless of his circumstances?
THOSE are heroes. Not Beyonce & Jay-z, not Eminem, not Jerry Springer or Maury, not Domo and Chrissy, not even Oprah. Sorry, NOT sorry.

                            ~Epic Realist~


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