Most ‘Demonic’ Sexual Abuse Story Ever?

Welp, I just found this today and I am completely baffled over it. Wanted to cry. Take a look…
Saddest abuse story ever. While the mom looks as if she’s telling the truth, two wrongs don’t make a right. She shouldn’t have killed the kids. I completely understand snapping and going crazy, but she should have gotten to the root of the situation and gotten those kids out of the house before they caused any more damage and found out who was hurting THEM to do make them do such things to their brother.
Everyone always wants to claim that ‘demons’ are involved with this shit… that’s what we always say when we witness things we don’t understand. There is no such thing as demons. There is such a thing as being so mentally fucked that you seem ‘possessed’, but we need to stop blaming everyone on demon possession and take responsibility for what we can instead of resorting to some bogus religious answer that we’ve been fed for generations. Religious bullshit covers up the responsibility that we’re supposed to be taking for letting these issues get out of hand because of constantly covering them up.
The mind is a powerful thing… ANYONE’S mind can go this far given the opportunity. Has nothing to do with demons… and I can clearly say this because I was becoming ‘possessed’ in my own ways because of my own father back then…
There are some things that can’t be explained, such as someone being born with an evil, tainted soul because of bad energies coming together, or someone being mentally damaged in unknown ways from conception, or someone being abused so they have a clear capability to abuse others… people just don’t want to consider these things before throwing the ‘demonic’ person in church and trying to fix them through some other unknown entity… again, two wrongs don’t make a right.
So, all I can say is, poor kids…

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