Am I BISEXUAL Because I’ve Been Molested!?

Hey again, guys! So before you wonder what this post is about, check out this video from my Epic Realist YouTube channel.


So, assuming that you’ve actually watched the video, what do you think? Have you been through something similar or do you think that my sexuality comes from something else?

Now, I know that it probably isn’t possible to ever know for sure if it comes from my molestation or not, but I do know that a large part of it comes from females in my life backstabbing me for so long. I’ve never had a decent female come into my life and stay there. I’ve been very lonely in that area; if you’ve seen my other posts and videos, then you already know that. But I wanted to make this video to come to terms with certain things, and let people know that sometimes what you’re thinking… isn’t really the full interpretation.

Always dig deeper.


                           ~Epic Realist~


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