Beauty Vloggers Being Attacked for Not ‘Buying Black’? GTFOH

™ Sometimes, black people get on my fucking nerves. They really do… with the constant criticism about what other black people decide to do with THEIR money. Women on YouTube are attacking certain beauty vloggers because they aren’t reviewing ‘black owned products’, but they’re the same people, running to Walmart for something they could order online from a black business instead.
This lady (CoilySue86 on YouTube) put this so perfectly that I just have to share:
I respect where people are coming from in saying that she should only support black owned companies on her channel.
However, as we use YouTube/Google while using WiFi or cable (Spectrum or AT&T) most likely owned by white people paid with money printed by white people earned from companies that most likely have a white owner with white or non- black managers… and there are complaints about (Youtubers) using Pantene. Do you say that you are tired of white people getting your money when you pay that cable bill, light bill, gas bill, phone bill, when you watch YouTube ads, use google chrome, buy that apple phone to make comments that “I’m sick of white companies…”? What?! Get their money back? What?! When your cable isn’t owned by us? What?! When that Samsung 8 phone you’re holding isn’t owned by us. What?! What exactly are you tired of? Which white company do you want to “hate” the most? I agree that we should have our own, BUT she’s using what she wants just like we are using what we want because we can. What sense does it make to criticize someone else’s conveniences?”
Hotel life
BINGO! She’s so right about this. For one, why the hell are we even concerned about what someone else decides to do with their own money? Like it even matters to you in the first place. And number two, the so-called ‘ buying black’ thing seems to be a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation.
If you do buy black, you don’t really know where that money is going; you won’t know if it’s being used to upkeep the business or not. If you DON’T buy black, you’ll be hated by the community for not being ‘woke’ enough and you’re gonna get a goddamn ten page lecture on it every time you do something that’s NOT supporting black people. Either way, you’re fucked. Why not do what you want and forget about what looks good to the public eye?
Ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of everything we’re using, wearing, and manufacturing is from another race besides black, so people might as well stop being butt hurt and get over it. Until we figure out how to unite as a race and boycott damn near everything we own, we might as well stop bitching about these YouTubers not using black owned products and get with the program. Not every black person cares to buy black; not every black person SHOULD buy black. No one’s forcing anyone’s hands here. Leave people the hell alone to live and do what they want with THEIR own money.
Remember, people. It’s THEIR money, NOT YOURS.

~Epic Realist~


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