™ It takes a lot for me to say that I hate someone, or even a certain group of people. But I abso-fucking-lutely HATE the type of people who tell people like to me to ‘stop breeding’ because I can’t afford it.
I understand that kids are hella expensive. Of course I get it. But don’t bash me because I don’t support your cries to keep the corrupt and racist Planned Parenthood abortions going. Don’t bash me because I have a desire to have a big family, regardless of the situation. Don’t bash me because I don’t agree with your fucking overstimulated, hormone-shitting methods of birth control that does who-knows-what to your baby AND your body when you DO decide to get pregnant.
Don’t bash me because I don’t believe in babies being separated from their mothers and placed into strange daycares at such young ages just so the mother can go back to work. Don’t bash me because I don’t want to wait until I’m goddamn 35-40 with a ”set career” to start having kids because then I could actually ‘afford it, potentially bringing birth defects to the baby. Don’t bash me because you assume that I only had a litter of kids so I could stay on welfare. Don’t bash me because I don’t like condoms and that they’re not even comfortable... who does?
Don’t bash me because I refuse to stick my kids in the public school system with that Common Core bullshit they are targeting everyone with, along with constant bullying and potential child molesters. Don’t bash me because my eyes are open and I know that whatever your job or career is, that shit isn’t set in stone and it can change with the snap of a finger; how can you so-called afford kids then? Don’t bash me because I’m one of the rare black women who actually stay home with my kids AND homeschool them, because I bet that I work harder than your pampered asses, slaving away at some corporation just so you can one day hopefully, if you don’t miss your chance, start a family.
It’s not my fault that my ‘families’ are for the most part, un-supportive assholes and I don’t have that ‘village to raise them’ like ya’ll people with money do. It’s not fair that no one respects you unless you have a lot of money. It seems as if people with money have tons of support and tons of help with their kids and everyday life, whereas the (poor) people who need support the most don’t hardly have anyone around. Story of my life. The world worships money. Without it, you’re a nobody to society. It is what it is.
I’m proud of my five kids. None of them are out of wedlock, I have ONE baby daddy  who I am married to, and we’re not selling drugs or anything illegal to raise our kids. We’re taking a different route to life, and that’s okay. Fuck your negative opinions.
I’m different, and I’m very proud to be. 😉



                             ~Epic Realist~


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