Child Abuse Prevention Month!

Welp, April is here. It’s apparently Child Abuse Prevention Month.


Honestly, I’m not sure what really happens during these months where things like this are brought up a lot, but it could be just an awareness thing. Although most people going about their every day hustle and bustle probably don’t even give a damn even if it happened to them during their childhood, they still don’t have time to give these things any attention at all.


What can we do to prevent child abuse? I really don’t know. The things I wish could happen aren’t going to actually happen, like the penalty for abusers as far as jail time be increased or better yet, fuck the jail time. How about bringing back the death penalty?

How about we do it the way some countries probably still do things? If you steal something, you’re likely to get your fucking hand chopped off. Or possibly a finger… if you’re lucky. Then you have more chances to get away with stealing while possibly not learning your lesson. How about if a man is caught raping a woman, he gets his dick sliced off? I think that would be a suitable punishment, don’t you think? Sounds brutal, but frankly, if America actually stood for justice instead of perpetuating the crime and repeatedly condoning this type of behavior, there’d be no such thing as child abuse.

Anyone caught abusing their child should be automatically persecuted tortured. I mean, very much tortured. I wish there was some system where whatever you do do your child, the child either does it back to you for whatever duration it happened or someone else does it to you. Most children, especially if they’re young, won’t have the heart to mutilate their parents in any way, regardless of what the parent did to them. That’s just the way it is. But the parent/adult should still suffer, especially if they’re deranged, unapologetic, and obviously unsympathetic to the harm they caused their child. 

There are different types of abuse, and in my eyes, none of them should be labeled worse than the other. Emotional abuse ( a mother who doesn’t feed her child unless they clean the house top to bottom, purposely sends them to school in diapers and refuses to show any love to the child) can be just as bad as physical abuse ( the typical drunk father who beats the child every night for no reason). Psychological abuse ( “It’s your fault you were born and ruined my life; I hate you, you deserve to die, no one’s gonna ever love you“) is just as horrible. And don’t get me started on sexual abuse ( horny dad who isn’t getting enough sex from the wife so he sneaks into the daughter’s room to fuck around with her innocence)… It’s all bad when you look at it. It just shouldn’t happen. At all.

But even I understand… shit happens. No parent is ever perfect and sometimes, you might just do something to your child that you really regret. It’s OKAY. I’ve been there.

What’s NOT okay is if you repeatedly do damaging things to your child and you NEVER attempt to get HELP for it. We’re all adults here. We clearly know right from wrong. Most abusers know they’re damaging their child, but they’re too high on their fucking high horse or they’re too scared to because of how others will look at them to get help. There’s always help somewhere if you reach out for it. It’s better than uncontrollably beating your child or calling them names because they’re not acting the way you want them to act.

I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Or a third chance. Or whatever amount of chances that life happens to hand them. But ONLY if they take a stand for what they did. Murderers deserve a chance to go out into society and start over IF their minds have been re-calibrated to not kill innocent people. It’s a lot of work, I know. Lots of therapy and love. People do change, however. Not everyone who starts out as a child abuser remains that way. We know that generational curses are real, and that more than likely, the one abusing was also abused as a child and still doesn’t know what to do with all that anger. Hurt people hurt people, as they say…

I wish that it was easier for these hurt people to get help before they harm someone else. As in… if you’ve been abused, you should get free counseling. Not everyone can afford to have health insurance constantly active. They should allow people in these positions to get the healing they need. Let them have transportation to and from these sessions so they can better themselves. I say this because I’m in this position. Each and every time I started counseling, I could never stick to it because of some damn insurance/financial issue. Or sometimes a babysitting issue. But surprisingly, I’ve done well throughout these years without sufficient counseling, because really, all you need is someone to love you fiercely through your pain.

I hope people become more aware of child abuse this month just because it needs to be more widespread. We also need to pay attention to the signs from certain children. Sometimes children call for help in a number of ways, but it’s up to us to pick up on these signs…

                           ~Epic Realist~


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