Not Totally Ready For A Sisterwife…

Sup, guys. I did a video a few days ago explaining how I currently feel about my quest for finding a sisterwife. Just had to honest about some things…

The whole point of the matter is that I don’t have time to look for this type of relationship at the moment. I already knew this, but I had to speak it into existence and not look like a fool online. Priorities always come FIRST.

No one will want to join in with our lives being how they are right now. But that’s okay; we’ll figure it out. And it will happen, goddammit. Just need to push forward, stay happy, and focus on my marriage and kiddos. Things will fall into place soon enough.

As far as that lawsuit issue at the end of the video, we’re stuck working on that right now. It’s a hot ass mess. Blah. lol


~Epic Realist~



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