What The Traditional American Family Lacks…

™ Most people don’t understand why I chose the path in life that I chose, but it should be completely self explanatory. Just because you’re ‘poor’ doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice your family values only for you to STILL remain ‘poor’. I’m not doing that shit.
Because in reality, whether or not the kids were all in school and daycare instead of us homeschooling and hubby and I each had full time jobs, we’d STILL be lacking.
Lacking in communication. We’d hardly see one another. The kids would barely see one another and they’ll no longer be as close as they are now. They would also fight more.
Lacking in finances. Yeah, we’d have a big ass house and brand new car(s), working cell phones and all that jazz, but so fucking what? What is that worth if I’m gone too much to even enjoy the damn house? What’s the point if I’m slaving away just to upkeep it?
Lacking in overall relationships. Eventually, hubby and I would split up because co-workers would become more important than what’s going on at home, we’d find someone else to be with romantically and sexually, and the kids would have their own separate group of friends to cling to, hence no more togetherness. They’d be suckered into peer pressure, wanting phones, TVs, tablets, expensive clothes and shoes, etc. Their innocence will be whisked away by these rude, fast little kids who have no home training simply because their parents got caught up in the rat race also and have no time to properly discipline them.
Lacking in education. Don’t you dare sit there and tell me, “Oh, public schools aren’t so bad; it just depends on where you’re living.” BULLSHIT. Because what you make up for in education will eventually cost you in racism issues. And you know that’s true for black kids.
Lacking in common sense. We all know that working too much can numb your mind and put you in a constant state of depression and probably at risk for other things, like bipolar. You’re snapping more because you’re stressed more. You don’t eat enough, you don’t eat well, and your body’s breaking down and aging quickly. The stress of consumerism and seeing advertisements all day will get to you also…
Lacking in overall health. Say hello to more mental health problems, bodily malfunctions, and severe insomnia. All while struggling to pay for health insurance and good food because you no longer qualify for food stamps and Medicaid. No time for vacationing except for only once a year for a week or two… when the boss man says that you can take one. Oh, and let’s not forget the amount of times each of my five kids will bring home colds and all other kinds of diseases... hence hubby and I having missed days from work because one of them is sick and then they have missed schoolwork that their teachers will hammer them for if they don’t get it complete in time.
No more unity. No more cooperation. No more communication. No more family.
More fights. More separation. More obligations. More mindless spending. More bills. And since that’s exactly what the system WANTS, I will keep striving to find another way out.
Call me a rebel if you want to, but all that means is that I’m doing something RIGHT. ❤

~Epic Realist~


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