Reunited Friendship

So… I think I have a girlfriend. LOL

I know you’re like, wait, whaaaaaaaaa? You said ‘reunited friendship‘; you didn’t say anything about no girlfriend!

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But I’m dead serious about that. She’s my best friend from 8th grade. We’ve been following one another on social media forever, but recently, a series of interesting discoveries: (found her on a dating site listed as bisexual and freaked the fuck out and she didn’t know that I was bi either because I hadn’t come out on Facebook yet OMG WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!?) between us both has brought us back together as far as chatting a lot more, and well, she’s actually  interested in dating me. 😉

Yes, she knows I’m poly and that if we do get together, it won’t be just her and I; it’ll be the hubby too. But I am getting the vibe that she actually doesn’t mind that. If that’s the case, then I am fucking lucky indeed. He already likes her, anyway. But it’s too soon to tell for sure if things will happen that way, so I’m just gonna relax on that for now. Haha!

We met up yesterday for the first time in 14-15 years. It was so magical. I was hella nervous when I knew she was coming up to our doorstep. I swear; I was shaking and sweating the whole morning over the fact that I would see her again. I hugged her as soon as she came in the door and OMG it felt amazing. I can’t even fully describe the feeling. 😉

The kids automatically gravitated towards her, especially my 2 year old, Jalani. He ran up to her within seconds of seeing her and pounced. It was the cutest thing in the world and it made my heart warm up a thousand degrees more.

We went out to eat at IHOP and then we ended up at the newly renovated library up the street from me. Yes, that’s what geeks do. LOL! It wasn’t planned, but it felt perfect anyway. We browsed hundreds of books and joked and laughed for about 2 hours, I think. It was totally fucking awesome just talking with her again. She’s so fun to be around. I wanted to melt. Seriously… I was extremely turned on the whole time. Haha! When she dropped me off and had to go home, I really didn’t want her to go. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire rest of the night.

We said that we’d take it slow first, but who knows how long that’s gonna last… 😉

~Epic Realist~


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