Otaku Married Life… With Kids

So, I consider myself fairly ‘late’ in the otaku world. Well, I did about 6-8 years ago. The only thing I’d known about anime at the time I entered college was how the Sailor Moon characters had abnormally long legs and how annoying it was that when they transformed, the enemy just stood there like a fucking moron and allowed them to do their thing without fighting back. >_>

I was pretty sheltered by my parents during my teen years, so I’d only even come across Sailor Moon because a little boy that went to my mom’s school that she worked at brought it in to watch every day with his class. That and Barbie movies. I know, weird. His mom clearly wanted a girl instead because she’d completely showered him with girly things year after year.

Anyway, by the time I got to college (2004), that was just about all I knew about the otaku world. That and Pokemon. Didn’t get the hype about Pokemon then, so I didn’t get into it too much. All I knew was that Pikachu was fucking adorable. He was the only Pokemon that I wanted to catch. lol

I was a gamer already, but I’d only had experience with the Sega Genesis and the Playstation 2. I had a ton of Genesis games, but of course, that old system started to slowly break down. I didn’t have too many games for the PS2 yet. By the time I’d met my hubby at art college, he’d come across more game systems than I’d ever even touched, more games than I’d heard of, more animes, and much more video game soundtracks.

I was somewhat jealous of that at the time, but I simply tried to catch up during the time we dated. I learned about more animes, Studio Ghibli films, and we played our first MMO together, which was Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. Ya’ll remember that game? Back when it was popular? Now all the servers are practically down. Boo hoo… T_T

So, from then on, I spent a ton of time learning about and playing Final Fantasy, Mario games, and a million other ‘Japanese’ discoveries. It was awesome. This was a world I hadn’t even known about my whole life. I drowned myself in FF soundtracks during my long commute back and forth to college on the buses and trains.

Hubby and I have played a shitload of MMOs since marriage. I can’t even count how many I’ve played. I might have to dig up my old archives and make a blog post specifically for the amount of MMOs we’ve played. LOL

We don’t have much time for MMOs anymore because of the tribe of kids we’ve created, but now I don’t feel so clueless to the otaku world anymore. I’ve seen a substantial amount of anime now, I’ve played way more games, and I… well, still play our old Sonic PS2 game with the kids every now and then until we can afford a newer game system.

We still play Minecraft sometimes also. But only when the kiddos are down for nap or down for the night. Hubby likes playing the TerraFirma version more. I play a few Facebook games in order to cure my thirst for our absolute FAVORITE MMO EVER, Mabinogi, which we CANNOT afford to play anymore at all for lack of time (although in the past, we’ve completely ignored this and paid for it). LMAO!

My friend put me onto Yuri on Ice last year and I couldn’t have been more proud to be an otaku. That show was sheer fucking awesomeness. I’d never watched a gay themed anime, but it’s more than just a gay themed anime. It’s just all around beautiful. They’d better hurry up with season 2.

I probably have more to write, but for now, that’s my little otaku married life… with kids. Can’t wait until the kids are of age to be involved in more of these things. I’m definitely not going to shelter my kids the way my parents sheltered me. Fuck no. The world has a lot to offer, and the more you shelter your kids, the more clueless they’ll be about life in general. 

And no one wants that for anyone.

~Epic Realist~







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