Being Bisexual, Poly, and Married

Morning, guys! I am sitting home, preparing for this so-called #snowpocalypse thing is gonna play out. There’s a winter storm coming to Atlanta today, and everyone’s damn near freaking out over a potential 2-4 inches of snow… that’s supposed to last for at most a day and a half. -_-

Anyway, I filmed a video yesterday about the above topic, and I finally got it edited and made live on my YouTube channel. Watch it and tell me what you think.


We’re looking for a woman, but in all seriousness, it will take some time and I am aware of this. Gonna keep hope alive. Haha!

~Epic Realist~


2 thoughts on “Being Bisexual, Poly, and Married”

    1. Eh, we thought about it, but there is no point in my opinion. We’re looking for one person right now. If things change in the future, then maybe, but we’re looking for someone to live with us eventually. Someone committed, no short term relationships or swingers.

      If we date separately, then there is little room for communication between both of us looking for different things in a woman, which will possibly throw off the marriage dynamic that we would like to keep going. So, probably not. Unless, like I said, something changes in the future. 😉


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