So, I was on one of my favorite bisexual websites and saw a topic that was… well, interesting. This isn’t the exact article, but here’s one of them.

I have a serious opinion about this one. Plus, based on the one I read in the forum, Frozen 2 isn’t the only movie that might start introducing same sex relationships to young kids.

The world really isn’t ready for this. I think it’s wrong for them to try to force it on kids in these new kid’s movies. Yes, some kids are already exposed to it in some ways, but for those whose parents are NOT ready to explain gay or bisexual relationships to their young children shouldn’t feel pressured to do so before the kids are of age to understand.

I have 5 kids ages 7 and under and I am honestly NOT ready to explain this to them if they came across it. If they catch ME doing it, that’s one thing. If it happens, then it happens. But I’d rather be ready to tackle it than to be caught by utter surprise.

I feel sorry for people who simply take their child to the movies to see something, a rated G or PG movie, unaware of the presence of same sex engagements, their child sees something that sparks questions, and then the parents have to deliver answers in a non-homophobic way. What if they’re not ready? I’m quite sure that there won’t be a warning in there anywhere prior to watching it.

Most closed minded parents would be furious, cuss out the movie, demand their money back, and swear that their child couldn’t ever see that movie again, leaving the child totally confused, with good reason.

Now, I wouldn’t be furious at Disney for doing it and then my kids saw it. I would just take that opportunity to explain it even though they are still too young in my opinion to get it. BUT I’m not closed minded. Hell, it’s gonna happen at some point. I do know this. But like I said, I’d rather be ready than to smacked in the face with it.

It’s the same way I feel about religion. Don’t force thoughts on young, developing minds before they are old enough to process different sexualities.

~Epic Realist~