Hippie in Training

Heya! Welcome to my new blog. I wanted a new start for 2017, so I got rid of my old Blogger blog that I’d had for years simply because some of the things I used to write about six-eight years ago are well, quite embarrassing.

I’m no longer that same person. I’m happy to be rid of those ramblings and thoughts. I still have the old posts in my archive for my own personal memories, but it’s no longer around online.

Being that I have been a writer all of my life, I seriously cannot be without an online blog. I have a couple of Tumblr blogs, but I don’t necessarily write in them. I do sometimes, though. The one I mentioned in my picture above is one of them, but before you try to go and see what that one’s about, beware. There are some very naughty, erotic pictures on that blog page. Haha!

If you’ve read this long, I’m assuming that you’re interested in what I’ll be writing about. So why don’t you stick around? I’m an almost 30 year old stay at home mommy with a lot to talk about. I have a YouTube channel also that I’ll showcase later. My life’s pretty boring to most people, but as you can see from the title, I am ‘one helluva hippie’.


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