Art School Degraded Me.

Art school/college

had never made me feel as if I had any valid talent. At least, that’s what my experience was like when I attended the Art Institute of Atlanta back in 2004- 2008. I wanted to be a graphic designer. I had many talents growing up, writing, drawing, playing the piano by ear, but the main thing I wanted to do at the time was something art related.

So when I chose the graphic design major, I chose it because I thought that it would cover a wide range of well, art.

And for a while, it did. Until they started focusing a bit too much of the technology aspect of it.

They stopped giving me illustration classes, so I didn’t get to learn to draw as well as I’d wanted to. If I had have known that that was going to happen, then maybe I would have stayed my ass in the illustration major that my mom had coaxed me out of.

I had more and more classes that involved Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Quark. I think Quark is obsolete now, but hey, that’s what we were learning then. Not that I had a problem with any of that, BUT I really wanted to learn more hands on techniques, like painting and nude drawing classes. Sculpting. Shit like that. Animators got to sculpt and I was envious of that.

I am left to assume that graphic design was more for the corporate minded individual, but I was unaware of this at the time. I am not a corporate minded person at all. At the time, I kind of thought that I’d be because of where I was in life, a lost, angry, lonely introvert going through child molestation charges against my dad and not knowing quite where I was headed career-wise. However, as I went through that major, I failed many, many classes, because of how my home life was going as well as the fact that I didn’t like or care for many of the classes they tossed me in.

So as I stated in the very first sentence, going to art school never pushed what I was really good at, which was drawing/illustration and photography. By the time I had managed to crawl to the end of my 3-4 year school term, having to lie repeatedly and reinstate myself back in after another failed quarter because of my parents’ drama, I still couldn’t manage to graduate. My last few classes were brutal as fuck. The professors didn’t give a damn about what I wanted to do with my projects, even though they often urged you to put some flavor into whatever you produced. I didn’t understand why they kept making me change multiple things for my portfolio, things that I didn’t necessarily agree with.

I understand now that when you are in art school, all they care about is making you appear good enough to a corporation. That’s it. They could care less if you have entrepreneurial goals or not. There is no individualism, and that’s how it truly is in this world. Society wants you to be the same, to be a cookie cutter mold of what everyone says you should do. I don’t think that way at all and never have, so making it out of art school with my associates degree didn’t end up happening. My last class or two gave me a hella hard time, and I remember getting extra help from my professors and I still wasn’t getting the hang of what they wanted me to do.

In the end, they made me feel completely fucking worthless. Those 4 years were wasted, trying to appease the professors and the ‘clients’ instead of being able to express my individuality. After going through that, I know that art school especially is a scam. Completely. I am still in debt to this day over that school, and the only thing I learned from it was how to use the Adobe programs. With art related topics, there are a ton of things you can actually learn on your own instead of getting into debt.

I wish that I had known that before going to school. Same with my hubby. We went to the same school, which is where we met, except that he went for animation. He graduated with his bachelors, but couldn’t find a job in his field to save his life. What’s the point of wasting all that time and effort when as soon as you complete high school, you can learn these things yourself for way cheaper?

Art school does not exercise your own creativity once you get deep into those computer classes. It’s annoying, but it doesn’t. Over the years, I have learned a whole lot more from home than I could have ever learned in those 4 years. I have to say; I am a phenomenal graphic designer and I have become that way myself in the last 10 years.

summer learning

Kytames the dryest curls 2018

These images are thumbnails from my other YouTube channel.

I have had this channel for almost 6 years now. I have gotten a shitload of experience with photography and graphic design/ social media design on my own and I am proud. I am glad that I’m not a corporate minded person. Sometimes, college is just not the best way to go…


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My Mother’s Day.

Sup, guys! It’s been a minute since I have written here. I have been sooooo busy with birthdays, homeschooling, Youtubing, working out, and mommying. What else is new? Haha!

Today is Mother’s Day. I had a good day, despite me not really caring for these types of holidays.  I just chilled and stuff. Nothing elaborate. The kids made me Mother’s Day cards and they played video games like any other Sunday. Hubby cooked us all a big breakfast. It went well.

Until my 5.5 year old decides to throw a revenge tactic because she was already in trouble for lying about something and decides to purposely vomit the two spoonfuls of dinner that she’d eaten and her juice onto the bathroom floor.

Welp, it’s a good thing that we know how to remain calm during things like this, because she is that type of child. She likes to be devious sometimes. It kind of ruined my evening. But it doesn’t matter, because she cleaned the shit up, scrubbed the bathroom floor, and bathed herself. Oh, and she has punishment sentences to write tomorrow along with her schoolwork.

So even with it being Mother’s Day, I didn’t let it push me out of shape. Mother’s Day for me is just another day. It’s not even like I am close to my own mother. I usually don’t treat it any differently than any other day. Pisses me off that most people wait till that particular holiday to contact whoever they need to contact just for the sake of that day. and that is bullshit. That’s just my thoughts on it. But oh wells. That’s life.

Kids will test your patience regardless of what day is it, whether it’s a holiday or not, and regardless of if the day is special to you or not. However, my day still went well. I can’t complain! 🙂


~Epic Realist~

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No JOB, No LIFE, No FREEDOM. How I Coped…

Hiya, guys!

I am a little late on this, but here is my video from a week and a half ago.

I am beginning to wrap this segment up little by little.


I am ready to finally let this out and let it be. Got bigger and better things to focus on for once. Life is slowly picking up. Baby steps.

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That ‘Daddy’ Fetish. I Could Never…


Daddy pic


I don’t understand that #fetish. Sometimes, I think that women that have #daddy issues do this, but it makes it seem as if they wanna fuck their daddy. NO. ❎

If you know me by now, then you already know that my dad spent five precious years of my life TRYING to fuck me, so anytime I even THINK of saying daddy during sex, I get nauseated. Nope. Not for me. My shit is literal. There is no way I could do it.

It does not turn me on in any way, shape, or form.

Before you say shit, think about what you’re saying. Do you really think of your dad during sex or does it have no effect on you because your dad was nonexistent? Let’s chat… 🔽🔽🔽 #realist


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BTW, today is my 31st birthday! Yay! #pisces

God Will Judge America Over Gay Marriage? Pssh…




Psssh… GTFOH!

So, I saw this this morning. Speaks for itself, right?

This is why I am an atheist. Because I can’t deal with this bullshit ass thinking.

I very much hate abortions and the whole concept of them (not to mention the things that they do with the human fetal cells after said abortion); however, if someone else wants to do that, that’s their choice. As far as me, I will never do such a thing and I am not afraid of being condemned by any sky ghosts if I were to ever do so. To me, the only justification for abortion is if you were raped; because you unwillingly brought that child here. Not your fault that you were pregnant in the first place.

Gay marriage isn’t the only so called ‘sin’ out there. If god existed, I’m pretty sure that everyone would go to hell at this point. I don’t care how much praying you call yourself doing.

That is, if hell existed, if you catch my drift.



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