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I. Don’t. Support. This.

Hey, peoples! I wanted to talk more about this topic since last week... because it needs to be talked about and I seriously need to vent. As you guys know already, I identify as bisexual. I've been out for almost... Continue Reading →

Performers Are NOT Heroes. Sorry, NOT Sorry.

It's constantly irritating to me how performers are known as such 'heroes' to the world when they're just... performers. How are they so fucking heroic to you when all they do is dance and sing to get you hype... most of... Continue Reading →

Most ‘Demonic’ Sexual Abuse Story Ever?

Welp, I just found this today and I am completely baffled over it. Wanted to cry. Take a look... Saddest abuse story ever. While the mom looks as if she's telling the truth, two wrongs don't make a right.... Continue Reading →

Feeling Like Absolute Shit…

Been so down these last couple of days for a number of reasons.  Depressed. Feeling like a failure. Things are definitely not going right financially, I still have no nearby friends to hang out with, and my bisexuality seems to... Continue Reading →

Am I BISEXUAL Because I’ve Been Molested!?

Hey again, guys! So before you wonder what this post is about, check out this video from my Epic Realist YouTube channel.   So, assuming that you've actually watched the video, what do you think? Have you been through... Continue Reading →

Beauty Vloggers Being Attacked for Not ‘Buying Black’? GTFOH

™ Sometimes, black people get on my fucking nerves. They really do... with the constant criticism about what other black people decide to do with THEIR money. Women on YouTube are attacking certain beauty vloggers because they aren't reviewing 'black... Continue Reading →


™ It takes a lot for me to say that I hate someone, or even a certain group of people. But I abso-fucking-lutely HATE the type of people who tell people like to me to 'stop breeding' because I can't... Continue Reading →

Jennirotika: The Origin of My “Yeardream”

Hey again! I feel like talking about my erotica stories again. I've been kinda stuck in a slump lately, or more so, 'writer's block'. Its partially because I'm very busy with my five kids, housework, and business things but I've... Continue Reading →


Welp, it's official. I can't do it. And by that, I mean I've been kicked off the 'fun' train of exploring sex with strangers. This is technically no surprise; I've always been that way. I'm not that type of person... Continue Reading →

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